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Badger Advisors puts your money where it belongs. With you.

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Badger Advisors understands that attaining your financial goals may not always be easy. We are here to help: our low interest rate debt consolidation loan will help you cut your monthly payments in half while also eliminating your many due dates. Think of all the free time that you’ll have! And with an interest rate in the single digits, you’ll be saving money before you know it. Badger Advisors puts your money where it belongs. With you.

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One monthly payment
Interest rate to the single digits
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Athens, GA
"The ink on my divorce papers wasn’t dry before I realized the crushing debt I was about to take on. Not only did I have lawyer bills, but, simple life things like my electric bills or gas for my car was now all on me. To say nothing of rent or food. I put it all on credit cards. The day those first bills rolled in, I wanted to cry. In fact, I did. I just couldn’t deal. It wasn’t until Badger Advisors shared with me an option that was realistic that I felt I could move on. Thanks, Badger Advisors!"
Charlottesville, VA
"I had so much debt I was panicked. I didn’t see a way out that wasn’t going to end in killing my credit for 7 years. Badger Advisors showed me the right way to get rid of my debt and it was easy. And I could afford it."
Tempe, AZ
"When I graduated, I got my dream job. Or so I thought. I didn’t realize that my employer did not contribute to my health insurance. I handled my insurance and doctors the way I had when my parents covered me. I was completely freaked out and unprepared. And embarrassed. Badger Advisors showed me how to get out debt and start saving so I could move forward in my life. Thank you, Badger Advisors!"